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Antarctica's value to humankind is incalculable, but it is one of the most inaccessible places on Earth. Most people have never met someone who has been to Antarctica, and far fewer have experienced the continent for themselves. In the absence of opportunities for exposure and awareness, the flag of Antarctica is an especially powerful symbol. By building community among people and promoting cooperation among countries, True South can make a material difference in the welfare of the continent.

True South reflects the natural wonder and beauty of Antarctica, but it is a flag created for human connection— connection to one another and to the continent. True South creates a sense of community and identity among those who have experienced the continent firsthand and those who support it from afar, and it raises visibility among those who have yet to discover its wonder. 

True South, flag of Antarctica, sits on Observation Hill on Ross Island, Antarctica.

Building a Global Community

Promoting International Cooperation

True South is a nonpolitical flag, but it still carries meaning. By representing shared values, True South actively promotes the cooperative sentiment that made Antarctica's current peace and neutrality possible. Those that gather under the flag may differ on policy preferences, but they do so with the understanding that they share a commitment to a better future for Antarctica.


Other Antarctic Flags

Antarctica does not have any official flag. Although there have been proposals in the past, none were widely flown on or off the continent. True South is the first Antarctic flag to be created, supported, and adopted by members of the global Antarctic community.

Antarctic Treaty System emblem, a flag of Antarctica

Although it is often mistaken for the flag of Antarctica, this emblem was adopted to represent the Antarctic Treaty, not the continent of Antarctica. (See more)

Who Gets to Choose the Antarctic Flag?


In the absence of an official selection, the flag which is recognized as the flag of Antarctica is the one that's most widely flown and used. It is no less important a symbol, though, and the decision to select it should still be undertaken deliberately and collectively. You have the opportunity to contribute to this decision by choosing how you represent the continent for yourself. We welcome you to fly True South, but no matter what flag you fly we hope you will join us in committing to a better future for the continent.

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