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True South doesn't just represent Antarctica, it was also designed and created there. The first iteration was made from the scraps of tents and field bags during the winter of 2018. Each element of the flag was intentionally chosen to represent an aspect of the continent. 

Details of the design of True South, flag of Antarctica





Hexcode: #1b2f4c

Pantone: 2767 C

RGB: 27, 47, 76

CMYK: 64, 38, 0, 70

Hexcode: #ffffff

Pantone: 11-0601 TCX

RGB: 255, 255, 255

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

3:5 Ratio



Unlike other Antarctica flag proposals which employed bright colors, True South reflects the colors of the continent while relying on strong contrast and large color blocks for maximum visibility in white snowstorms or dark polar nights.


The 3:5 ratio leaves the central emblem intact longer in the Antarctic winds than the more common 2:3 ratio would.


Because of the international presence on Antarctica, the flag must not be seen to favor any parties. True South features a distinct design and a shade of blue unique among national flags.



In a literal sense, a direction is "true" if it leads toward the Earth's geographic poles rather than its magnetic ones. In some languages, true north is also used in a figurative sense to refer to values and goals by which a person can orient themselves and their decisions. True South's name is an adaptation of this idiom because it is meant to represent these guiding principals for the global Antarctic community.

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