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Flag of Antarctica

Antarctica has no permanent human population, but its future rests in human hands. It is more urgent than ever to have a symbol which a global community can unite behind. Wherever it flies, True South serves as a reminder that— on or off the continent— the stewardship of Antarctica is the privilege and responsibility of us all. 


Horizontal stripes of navy and white represent the long nights and days at Antarctica's extreme latitude. In the center, a lone white peak erupts from a field of snow and ice, echoing those of the bergs, mountains, and pressure ridges that define the Antarctic horizon. The long shadow it casts forms the shape of a compass arrow pointed south. Together, the two center shapes create a diamond, symbolizing the hope that Antarctica will continue to be a center of peace, discovery, and cooperation for generations to come.

Flying True South

True South is a nonpolitical project with international participation. National Antarctic programs, nonprofits, expedition teams, and individuals from countries across the globe have formally adopted the flag. It has flown in dozens of locations across Antarctica as well as on every other continent. 

Background image by Stephen Allinger

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