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The Dutch National Antarctic Program + True South

True South is set to make its Dutch debut next month as part of the programming for the Netherlands Polar Program's celebration of Antarctica Day on Dec. 1. The flag will be co-starring alongside Kees Bastmeijer— professor of nature conservation and water law at Tilburg University— and Peter Kuipers Munneke— a national weather reporter and local celebrity with a background in polar research. Director of the Netherlands Polar Program Dick van der Kroef captured photos during the second day of filming which give a sneak peek at True South's appearance in the segment.

A conservation professor and climate researcher with True South, flag of Antarctica, during their on-camera interviews.
Bastmeijer and Kuipers Munneke with True South during their on-camera interviews.

The segment will be webcast at 15:00 CET (UTC +1). You can register to watch this as well as other talks on Antarctica at the program's website. (The webcast will be in Dutch, but there are plans to include English subtitles.) Recordings of the video will be available online after the live stream ends. Even if you're unable to join us for the live stream, we hope you'll still join us in celebrating Antarctica Day! Click here to subscribe to future True South updates.

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